8/27 – Read Acts 24:22-27

This was not a simple time for Paul.  He was wrongfully arrested, tried for crimes that did not really exist, and imprisoned until Felix made his decision.  In the end though, Felix never actually made a decision.

Felix was procrastinating and was giving reasons to wait until he had to make the decision.  By waiting, he went past the point legally to pass judgment.  Also after Paul presented the Gospel to Felix and his wife, Felix had Paul removed which showed that he felt guilty and passed on the opportunity to know Jesus.  Then Felix waited until Paul offered him money either as a bribe or a chance to re try Paul for bribery.  All in all, Felix made Paul wait over 2 years and finally leaving the office of Governor before he could pass some sort of Judgment.  Paul was called by God to be in this situation.  Paul could have run but God wanted him on trial and in jail.

Kevin Gallagher

Challenge:  Could you possibly do the same?  Could you accept the will of God in your life, even if it meant being really far outside of your comfort zone so His word could be spread?  I want to encourage you to stand strong if you are going through a time like this.  Remember Paul and the situation that God called him to be in and find the light so that you too can spread the word even in the midst of a time of trouble.

Prayer Focus:  Ask God for his strength in following him, especially when he leads you outside of your comfort zones.

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