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When your friends are your enemies…

Read Luke 12:49-53
Strange to say, there are times when those you think are people who can help they turn out… to be TURN-COATS.  
In the late sixties, my wife and I were assigned to the missionary post of Rabat , the beautiful, impressive capitol city of Morocco .
One day I received a summons to the American Embassy. I don’t believe I had been before that time, except for perhaps a document or two or a welcome session for all the Americans in the area.
I was ushered into the sumptuous office of an American consular official. He was portly as I remember, and very sure of himself. I soon found that our conversation was in fact NOT ONE. As the monologue continued, it was clear that this officer’s prime purpose of this meeting was to embarrass me because of my faith in Christ, and our burden to make Christ known to the Muslims of this great city.
At one point, he seemed especially sarcastic. I had told him briefly what I was doing, without revealing any more than I felt I should. He leaned back in his comfortable chair and, smilingly sure of himself, said: “Well, you know that many say today that God is dead. I prefer another expression of this error. It is this: God is BREAD.”
Then he gave me a short lecture of his disgust with ‘people who milk money from the vulnerable religious people  around them.’ In fact, Billy Graham was his prime straw man.
Ever lose your glasses? It really can put you in a fix! But if you lose your whole God-granted FOCUS of the world made by him, then you have tossed out the baby with the bathwater.
Scripture tells us: “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” Well, it is THIS that makes him a fool…. May we never even think of starting down that dismal garden path. God is out there, AND HE IS NEAR! “Emmanuel… God WITH US”.
John Haines, Penney Farms, Florida
Challenge: Check your reaction to promised persecution.
Prayer Focus: Rejection is a forgone conclusion in the Muslim World for those who choose to follow Jesus. Pray for at least one Christian friend to walk beside these brave souls.

Fall Missions Devotions

We hope you will be blessed by the upcoming fall missions devotions. These devotions have been written by both members of our Ashland Church family involved in local and global missions and some of the missionaries that we support.

Please use these devotions as a way to dig into scripture, learn from other’s experiences and wisdom and draw closer to God. We ask that you would also pray for the missions that are highlighted in certain devotions.

The devotions will be posted over the next month. In the meantime please reflect on these quotes…

“The Bible does not focus so much on what love is, but on what love does and does not do. The love of God that we are to demonstrate toward one another is not merely feeling or emotion. Nor is it abstract or passive. It is active. It engages. It works. It moves. God’s love does not merely feel patient; it is patient. God’s love does not simply have kind feelings; it does kind things. Love is fully love only when it is active: “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth”
(1 John 3:18).” Greg Laurie Daily Devotional 5-3-07

“The story of the gospel makes sense of moral obligation and our belief in the reality of justice, so Christians do restorative and redistributive justice wherever they can. The story of the gospel makes sense of our indelible religiousness, so Christians do evangelism, pointing the way to forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus. The gospel makes sense of our profoundly relational character, so Christians work sacrificially to strengthen human communities around them as well as the Christian community, the church….In short, the Christian life means not only building up the Christian community through encouraging people to faith in Christ, but building up the human community through deeds of justice and service.

Christians, then, are the true “revolutionaries” who work for justice and truth, and we labor in expectation of a perfect world in which: He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things is passed away. (Revelation 41:4)”

Tim Keller, The Reason for God