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Advent Devotion // November 30th, 2014

What area you looking forward to this Advent season?

Throughout our lives, our expectations of the Christmas season changes. As children, we look forward to the gifts under the tree. As parents, we look forward to seeing our children’s reactions on Christmas morning. For many, the thought of reconnecting with family members not seen in a long time brings joy and anticipation. All of these things can bring moments of joy, peace, love, and hope; but they are just fleeting moments that will quickly pass and only come back in a memory. None of these things will last forever nor are they what the advent season is really about.

In this passage of Isaiah, the prophet alludes to the coming of a Savior. One who will bring peace and judgment to all peoples. He will bring light to those who listen and darkness to those who turn away. Jesus came to bring salvation that will last for eternity and return us to the true glory God designed for us to realize. This is what the advent season is about, looking back on the life of Jesus, God incarnate, and preparing our heart and minds for His promised return. As we reflect on Jesus life and purpose, may we also look at what we are spending our time looking forward to, is it eternity in heaven or fleeting moments on earth?

Written by Jennifer Riddle