Romans Reading and Devotion // Day 31

Read Romans 16

In this concluding chapter, Paul sends his greetings to many people, along with his wishes for the church at Rome to treat them well.

First, note how many people he desires for the church at Rome to greet! The work of the ministry is hard, and it’s time to reap the harvest (John 4:35). As a result, we all need each other. We all need to work together, all gifts, abilities and skills, young and old, all nations, for the sake of the gospel. Everyone has an ability to help, and therefore we should find a place for everyone to help. What work are you doing for the kingdom? Where is your niche, your area of service?

Second, see how hard many of them have worked! Paul describes Phoebe as “a great help,” Priscilla and Aquila “risked their lives,” Mary worked hard (as did Tryphena and Tryphosa), Andronicus and Junia were “outstanding,” and the mother or Rufus was like a mother to Paul, not to mention all the other saints named in this chapter. What would you like to be said about you? What would you like to be known for? Do you know what your spiritual gifts are (everyone has at least one)? What talents or abilities do you have? If you don’t have a good sense of your spiritual gifts or talents, pray that God would make that known to you. If you do, ask God to strengthen you in your calling of task. And thank God for the fellowship of believers, and the way it enriches our Christian life and testimony.

Written by Greg Goss

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