Further Reflection – Lamb of God

Last Sunday at Ashland we began a new sermon series called Jesus, Name Above All Names. The first message given in this series was Lamb of God. For study and further reflection of we encourage using the following questions.

If you missed last Sunday’s (2/14) message, you can stream or download it here.

Scripture Reading: John 1:29-51

Verses 29-34 Jesus the Lamb of God John just a witness

What does he mean by calling Jesus the “Lamb of God” (see Ex. 12:1-13; Isa.53:7)?

And the “Son of God” (v. 34)?

What proof supports these claims (Psalm 2:7)?

Personal Reflections on verses 29-34

Who “made straight the way for the Lord” in your life? Have you thanked them?

Of the titles given for Jesus (the Word, the Light, the Christ, the Lam of God, the Son of God), which means the most to you today and why?

Verses 35-51 The First Disciples

In light of verses 30-31, how do you think John felt when his disciples left him to follow Jesus? What does this say about John?

What motivated the disciples of John to follow Jesus?

What motivated Andrew to tell Simon about him?

How do you think Simon felt when Jesus changed his name to Cephas (meaning rock)?

What helped Nathanael overcome his initial skepticism about Jesus?

In these verses, how many different titles are attributed to Jesus?

Which means the most to you personally?

Personal Reflections on verses 35-51

Which one of the disciples are you the most like when it comes to following Jesus?

What was your motive for initially following Jesus and what circumstances led to that?


Thanks to Harold Bussell for these questions.

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