Further Reflection – Son of God

For study and further reflection from our most recent message Son of God, the fifth in our series Jesus, Name Above All Names, we encourage the use of the following questions.

If you missed last Sunday’s (3/13) message, you can stream or download it here.

Scripture Reading: John 10:22-42

The unbelief of the Jews

Given the meaning of the Feast of Hanukkah (when Jews remember their deliverance during the Maccabean revolt; 168-165 B.C.) what feelings about Rome’s authority might surface among the crowds?

How would Roman authorities prepare for this feast?

What might be the real intent of the Pharisees’ question in verse 24?

Ho do the leaders interpret Jesus’ claim to be one with God?

How does Jesus sidetrack them (verse 34; Psalm 82:5)?

What could account for the difference in reception Jesus received across the Jordan (verses 40-42)?

Personal Reflections

What convinced you that Jesus is the Messiah?

What “old ways” of looking at Jesus must you overcome by faith? By study?

What difference does it make that Jesus is God and not just a man?

Would the promise of verse 28 mean much otherwise?


Credit and thanks to Harold Bussell

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