Christ is in me

Reading Galatians 2:20c

For the last devotional in this series, the preposition by in this verse is our light switch. Used in conjunction with “faith” here, this word brings to light a fourth aspect of our relationship with God – Christ by or through me. This is the corollary of Christ in me. What Paul is saying here is that now that Christ is in him, this new life in him is becoming visibly evident “by faith in the Son of God.” In other words, Christ is actually being manifest through him. Ultimately, our relationship with God must evidence this outward manifestation of Christ.
We saw in yesterday’s devotional how when Durga, the Nepali drug addict, got Christ in him, he was completely transformed. The fact is Durga’s transformation did not stop with him. It rippled outward to his family, his community and the people he works with at our mission’s rehabilitation center. Looking at this man today, you can tell there is something special about him as he counsels other people who come for help from addictions. His face just beams as he tells them there is a power stronger than their addiction. It is the face of Christ by and through him. Many who Durga has helped now believe because they have seen Christ by and through him.

John Taylor

Challenge: Christ for me, with me and in me, must also become Christ by and through me. Evaluate this aspect of your relationship with God. Do you seek the fruit of salvation in others? It can come about only as Christ lives through you, once you have died to your old self and “live by faith in the Son of God.”

Prayer Focus: Pray that God would help you to die to self and live by faith, so that Christ who is in you might work by and through you to produce the fruit of salvation in others as well.

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