Crossing the Road to the Poor: Expanding our relational circles.

Read Romans 1:5

Critical to the process of crossing roads is leaving our circles of privilege and adjusting our perceptions of the world. For example, when many people look at youth in the inner city from the outside they think that they are violent, dangerous, lazy underachievers. Our perceptions have been shaped by what we have seen on television, read in the newspapers, heard on the news. But building relationships with young people from the city can reveal a completely different scenario – determination, vision, thrift, perseverance, and an understanding of how life works…Traversing a different social landscape helps us become more sensitive to issues of injustice – issues that keep the poor, poor. … When we dare to cross the borders, we change our social landscape, our view of life, and our understanding of others. … Without embracing this kind of discipline it will be difficult for the church to make the needed adjustment to understand and hear the voices of those beyond their church walls. It takes both a personal commitment and a commitment from the body of Christ to accomplish it.
p. 39,40

Bruce Main

Challenge: As you reflect upon the social landscape of your life, what injustices do you become sensitive toward? Do you need to expand your social landscape to learn to see the injustices? It takes work to expand our relational circles, what type of discipline could you embrace to understand and hear the voices beyond your social circle (or church walls)?

Prayer Focus: Help me to accept that I must be willing to change my perceptions of the people in the world around me. Teach me how to build relationships with others instead of allowing my prejudices to stop me from sharing your love with the lost.

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