Cross the Road of Race and Ethnicity: Where Do I Start?

Read Acts 10:34-35

I am so glad Jesus did not simply pray about race relations. I am glad Jesus lived with his feet on the ground and allowed his feet to take him place where others would not go. … So how do we, as followers of Jesus, deal with fear? How do we find the courage to confront road-crossing situations where we are called to stretch every fiber of our faith? [The] interaction in Gethsemane provides a model. … First, Jesus prayed honestly. He did not try to hide his fear, deny it, or repress it. Jesus put it all on the table, believing that God could handle his prayer. … Second, Jesus did not stop with prayer. Jesus confessed his anguish and fear to his closest friends. By inviting his community of friends to experience what he felt, Jesus rejected the idea that truly spiritual people have to be superhuman. It’s okay to be vulnerable and show weakness. … True people of faith confront their fears, cross their roads, and grow. p. 59, 119

Bruce Main

Challenge: Do you believe fear is part of our biological makeup? How do you think we can best overcome the fear of the other? What does the biblical command “fear not” mean to you? How could it be applied in your own life?

Prayer Focus: Jesus, you touched the lives of so many people of so many different nationalities and ethnicities. May I learn from your example, that I too need to let go of my fears, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses that prevent me from reaching out to people of all races and creeds.

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