Crossing Roads of Judgment and Exclusivity: Where Do I Start?

Reading Romans 10:12–15

Have you ever talked with people who are reluctant to enter a church or have been turned off to God because they feel they do not measure up? “Once I get myself together, then I will start attending,” said one individual to me recently. “I’m just too bad to hang out with those Christian folk, claimed another. What a sad commentary on how Christ’s message is perceived by those outside the community of faith. … So how do God’s people send a different message? It begins by our willingness to cross roads and allow ourselves to enter into the lives of those who feel alienated, rejected, and unloved. Only when we enter that place can we begin the process of encouraging those living in the valley of dry bones and leading them across the road toward loving communities that hold forth new life.

-Bruce Main

Challenge: How would you answer the person that feels they have to get themselves together before they can accept your hospitality? Or before they could start attending church? Identify and cross the road to someone who feels judged and excluded from Christian fellowship. Listen to their story, learn, care, and share your story with them.

Prayer Focus: Lord, thank you for accepting me the way that I am; a sinner undeserving of your grace and mercy. Help me to share with others that we do not have to be perfect to begin a relationship with you; we simply have to open ourselves up to you and be willing to accept you as our Lord and Savior. Guide me to those who need to learn that no one is excluded from fellowship with you.

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