Why Cross A Road? What road do I need to cross?

Read Isaiah 49:6

Roads are definitely passageways, but they can also be barriers and borders that govern our decisions, direct our movements, and control our lives. In New Jersey, where I live, roads often isolate certain communities from others. Highways don’t simply get you from point A to point B. These six-lane rivers of concrete are the new “railroad tracks” that divide who is on the “right side” from who is on the “wrong side.” Some borders are geographical, others are social, many are psychological. If we are completely honest, all of us have places, situations, and people that we do our best to avoid. Given the choice between taking a left turn toward that which makes us uncomfortable or a right turn toward the familiar, we take the right turn every time…Needless to say, crossing roads and borders is tough work; it takes energy, intention, and a whole lot of courage. p. xiii, xiv

Bruce Main

Challenge: Why do so many people see borders as impenetrable barriers – rather than places of encounter and exchange? What boundaries do you feel God tugging you to cross?

Prayer Focus: Lord, there was no border, boundary, or road you were not willing to cross to share your message with those who were willing to listen. Father, open my ears and teach me to be willing to listen to and follow your will. Give me the courage to cross any road or border to reach others who are willing to listen to the message of your grace, mercy, and salvation.

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