Faithful when the opportunity comes

Read Acts 1:8

The night was clear: the sky filled with stars. During my prayer walk God drew me close, and I enjoyed a wonderful sense of His presence.

Heading home I remembered that the little liquor shop sold bread and I needed some.

The owner said: “Isn’t it a beautiful evening?” Forgetting he was an unbeliever I replied: “Oh yes, I was just walking along the river, talked to God and…” I stopped, realizing he wouldn’t understand.

He said: “I know. Come look.” Pointing up the road he said, “See that little path? My God is up in there.” I responded saying all the right things. I said I was not talking about a man-made idol, but the God who created the heavens. But I thought: “He doesn’t have a clue.”

I was totally frustrated thinking: “What am I doing here? Why learn Japanese? It’s all in vain!”

Later one of our counselors at camped asked if I lived at camp. I replied: “No, but I live close by – in Mitake. She said: “My uncle lives in Mitake. He owns a liquor shop.”

Wham! It hit me. It doesn’t at all depend on me. God has a thousand ways to bring the gospel to that man. My brief statement may be combined with other words of witness. I’m just to be faithful when the opportunity comes.

I’m glad that as we witness for Christ God will also be using others.

Bob McKemey

Challenge: Do you take advantage of the opportunities to witness to others?

Prayer Focus: Pray that God would provide you with opportunities to witness. Pray that your words would be led by the Holy Spirit and for recognition of those opportunities. And pray that God would change the hearts of those who are resistant to his Word.

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