Romans Reading and Devotion // Day 30

Read Romans 15

Romans chapter 15 is a continuation of chapter 14 where we are basically told to “not tear apart the work of God over what you eat” 14:20 NLT

Let us not let the little things or physical things hinder the much more important spiritual life of the church.  Refer back to yesterday’s devotion if you missed it!
Consideration, Unity, honor, teamwork, community, these are words that we hear often today but do we practice them?  We must realize that without these character traits the church will not work.

Consideration – I think of others, I try to look at your perspective. Unity – We work hard to make it work together as one. Honor – you are important to me and to the larger body. Teamwork – our roles are unique but let’s fine tune actions to make it work like a puzzle. If we play our position well it works! Community – We spend time together, we get to know each other, we help one another, we must do this together, we celebrate together. We sit at the feet of Jesus together. Two more: Acceptance of each other for Gods glory.  This is clearly speaking about diversity as he mentions the Gentiles in vss. 9-11.  Reminders – Like a parent, Peter and Paul give a lot of reminders vs 15, “Now, let’s go over this again”

Verse 5 tells us that it is God who gives us the patience and encouragement. Please let us ask Him for help and sustenance and protection.  This is not about self-improvement or just doing better.  Only the spirit of God can make these changes in our lives.  He will show us our needs. He convicts us of these important traits but we must take the time to listen to what the Spirit is telling us.  This is true devotion. Getting on our knees and not just asking for requests but asking to be spoken to, to be led by the spirit.

About the same time as I was given Romans 15, my brother in law, Bruce Lengeman shared a transcript of a new book he has just written. “Living and Leading in a Culture of honor” in which he share these five points:

A culture of honor is an environment of grace where
* people are valued,
* diversity is celebrated,
* problems are solved respectfully,
* true authority is given deference,
* people prefer others above themselves, and as a result,
* Wholesome productivity is maximized.

Lord, please help me to value others within our church as well as those outside our church who we are trying to reach for you, please give me a heart of serving and a minister of Your grace.  I confess too often just thinking of my own needs and wants.  I ask that You would help me to see and server others the way You would.

Written by Darrell Proctor

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