Further Reflection – Son of the Father

For study and further reflection from our most recent message Son of the Father, the fourth in our series Jesus, Name Above All Names, we encourage the use of the following questions.

If you missed last Sunday’s (3/6) message, you can stream or download it here.

Scripture Reading: John 5:16-30

Life through the Son John Chapter 5 verses 16-28
What was the result for Jesus after this healing in verses 1-15?
How did his response to the Jewish leaders only intensify their opposition?
Why would Jesus do this?
In what ways is Jesus equal with the father according to verses 26 & 27?
What claims does Jesus make about himself?
What is the promise?
What happens to those who hear and believer according to verses 24-30?
To those who do not?
How would you describe the business that God the Father and God the Son are in?

Personal Reflections
When in your life has your faith in Jesus Christ immediately thrown you into a crisis with others?
How have you handed that or grown as a result of it?
If you had to explain to someone what verse 24 means in your own words, how would you put it?
In your own spiritual journey, when did you come to understand this truth?
How did it affect your self-image? Your lifestyle? Your life goals?
Special thanks to Harold Bussell.

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