Take Part in Our Yearly Men’s Retreat!

We encourage men and young men to attend. You will be blessed by our worship sessions and practical Biblical teaching geared specifically towards men.  In between our sessions, you will have plenty of time to enjoy paintball, the climbing tower, and gun ranges.  Make an effort to attend this retreat; you will be glad you did!

A Testimony from one of the retreats!

“I went to the Men’s Retreat for a lot of things, but primarily to participate in “manly” activities. I was not let down. If anything, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “manly” things that tucked-away Camp Haycock had to offer, such as paintball, rifle ranges, obstacle courses, and towering fifty-foot rope swings that yank away all sense of gravity and send you hurtling between trees and friends. Granted, these are all fine activities in their own right – the perfect balance between fun and memorable. They’re not why I’m going back though. In hindsight, the main draw of the Men’s Retreat was never the opportunity to shoot rifles, sing songs, or wander in the forests of Pennsylvania. I never just enjoyed the men’s retreat because it gave me an avenue to have fun outside of “the real world” – I loved it because it allowed me to build and strengthen relationships with the men of Ashland. The Men’s Retreat gave me the golden opportunity to play cards, make late-night trips to “Turkey Hill”, and just sit and feel like a part of a family outside my own. It was an amazing experience and one that has made me for the better because of it.” – Liam Fleming

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