Online Giving FAQ’s

Is my information secure?

The online portal is completely secure. The website interacts with the database using an encrypted SSL connection, which is the same technology that is used for online payment systems. The passwords are encrypted in the database and are unreadable by any database administrator.
Further, there is no account information stored on this site. The only information available from this site is dates and contribution amounts. Even if you accidentally shared your password, no one else can initiate a transaction under your login. All account information must be re-entered on every transaction.

Why can’t I see my giving history?

If you register for a new account and – after logging in – are unable to view your giving history, the most likely explanation is that the software was unable to match you (using name, email, and phone number) to your information. Therefore, a new account (with no giving history) was created. This could happen for several reasons:
Your email has recently changed, or we did not have your email in our database. Note: We only maintain one active email per person in our database.
Your phone has recently changed, or we do not have your phone in our records.
The system cannot match “John & Jane” if you entered two first names on your account. These are individual accounts.
Solution: Wait a couple of days and recheck your account. Our database team is regularly reviewing new accounts and will probably find and fix your account. If, after one business week, you still have no giving history attached to your account, please contact

How do I cancel a recurring transaction?

After you log in, click on “My Giving History” and select the month of the next scheduled transaction. Click on the link to cancel that series of donations.

How do I change my credit card information?

At this time, there is not a way to change your credit card information. You will need to delete the transaction series and create a new series with the new card information.

Can I designate my online gift to a special purpose or ministry?

Designations available online include tithes/offerings, current mission trips, our missionaries, and a general missions fund.