Annual Report 2020


This past year, our youngest son Benjamin who is in the Army, moved to Korea for 1-2 years. We are happy for him, and yet Tamera and I find ourselves missing being with him physically. We see him from time to time on video chat, get messages, and video Snapchats, but it is just not the same. There are so many times we simply just want to give him a hug or walk in the room and see him, and we know that when that happens again, it will be wonderful. In some ways, this past year has felt that way in the church. We see each other on video feeds, read posts online, see the photos come across our social networking, and yet in person interactions are interlaced with masks, social distancing, fist/elbow bumps in place of hugs and handshakes, and it has felt a bit like a long-distance relationship. I know that all of us are looking forward to the day that we can once again, be in the unobstructed presence of those we love. While we wait for that moment, we will continue to live out life in this different way. Reflecting on our time this past year, it was a tremendous blessing to be working with such a talented dedicated group of people. Those who continue to work diligently in our Re-opening Team, ensuring a safe worship experience indoors and outside, our tech and worship teams working together and venturing into new places of accessibility for worshipers, online zoom worship, prayer groups, study groups, children, and youth, as well as some new ministries. All of these and more have helped to keep our church connected.

As we look forward to the future of Ashland, I am praying for our full reconnection as church body where we are once again be physically together. I believe we have learned a lot over this past year, and we have had new opportunities opened to us. When we come back together, we will be stronger, and the time together will be wonderful. It reminds me of how we wait for our Lord Jesus to return and gather all who are His together unobstructed in His glorious presence. And when that happens, it will absolutely wonderful.

It’s Great to be your Pastor, Jamie

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